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Fruit & Vegetables

We are committed to delivering the best seasonal produce available at the Brisbane Markets.

Fruit & Vegetables

Want quality fruit and vegetables delivered straight to your door fresher & cheaper than you can get from the shops? We deliver the best of the Brisbane Markets to suburbs throughout the Redlands & Brisbane’s south east. Due to the seasonal nature of the product we deliver, the contents of our Produce Packs will vary.

Add a dozen Free Range Eggs to your order for only $6.



Delicious, seasonal fruit and vegetable based recipes that everyone from ‘foodies’ to ‘fuss-pots’ will enjoy.

Share your favourite recipe

 Delicious seasonal fruit and vegetable based recipes that everyone from ‘foodies’ to ‘fuss-pots’ will enjoy.  We love to cook and experiment with new ways to use those staples of potatoes, tomatoes, apples and carrots.
For something new, try our ‘no-thermomix’ Almond Butter or  3 ingredient Muesli Bars recipes.

Share your favourite recipe and we’ll publish it here!


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Why Choose Us

Fresh from the markets

Everything fresh!

We purchase and deliver your fruit and vegetables on the same day.  This eliminates up to 4 days (or more) of shelf life that you would normally have to put up with if you purchased from a retail outlet.

Fast Free Delivery

Delivery to your home or workplace

We will deliver directly to your home or place of work.

Free delivery

We offer free delivery on all our fruit and vegetable produce packs. Our delivery routes include the Redland district and Brisbane’s south-eastern suburbs. To confirm that we can deliver to you, contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.

Competitive prices

How do we do it?

We don’t have the retail markups because we aren’t paying for a retail space at a shopping centre. Buying in bulk is the key to us providing you with fresh fruit and vegetables as well as free range eggs at great prices.

Helping the environment

Yes you are!

There are three ways you are actively helping the environment by ordering a delivery:

  1. We deliver all our fruit and vegetables in boxes that have come from the markets.  We are committed to the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ message.  Just pop your empty box in the recycling bin or leave it out for the next delivery and we will be sure to reduce, reuse or recycle it for you.
  2. Our delivery van, like all vehicles, do contribute to Australia’s carbon emissions but we are proud that our one vehicle is replacing many many more that would normally have gone to the shops to “pick up a few things”.
  3. We only buy seasonal produce.  This means that it is grown locally – not flown in from South America or driven across Australia in trucks.

About us

Fresh on the move is a family owned and run business. Put simply, we deliver top quality produce – sourced from the Brisbane Markets – straight to our customers’ doors; at a very fair price.

We made the decision to start Fresh on the move after growing tired of the lower quality and higher priced produce offered through the major food retailers.

Having spent over a decade working in or around the Brisbane Markets we knew that we could offer our friends and family fresher produce at a better price. In turn, what started out as an effort to deliver better quality  fruit and veges to our nearest and dearest – grew into a business.

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