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How do I order?

Click on Shop our products then select the Product Category you are interested in purchasing from.  If you still aren’t sure give us a call or send through an email to discuss your order.

Ph: 0408 743 387


What days do you deliver?

We deliver every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Where do you deliver?

Our current delivery routes include the Redlands district and Brisbane’s south-eastern suburbs….but we are expanding every week into new districts. To confirm that we can deliver to you just get in touch:

Ph: 0408 743 387


Do I have to get a delivery every week?

No, you can set up your order to be fortnightly, monthly or weekly.

Will the contents of the box change each week?

We will always have the staple produce items in your box however due to seasonal availability and quality you can expect some variations to the contents from week to week.

What happens if I go away on holidays?

You just have to let us know what dates you will be away and then we will resume deliveries when you return. P.S. Have fun on your holiday!

Are there any delivery fees?

No. There are no fees added to your produce pack deliveries.  Minimum order for free delivery is $36.

Do you deliver on public holidays?

We won’t be able to deliver on public holidays because the Brisbane Markets don’t open for us to purchase your fresh produce.  In most cases we will arrange to deliver on the next working day so you don’t miss out on your fresh delivery.

Can I choose exactly what goes into my produce pack?

Whilst you can’t place an order for exactly what you want we strive to provide you with a good number of fruits and vegetables to choose from.  For example, if you or your family don’t eat pumpkin then we will replace that item in your box with more carrots or something else you will enjoy.

How fresh is your produce?

We buy our produce fresh from the Brisbane Markets the morning of your delivery (think of us being there next time you are awake at 4am!).  We do not store our goods and we hand select each item that goes into your box of fruit and vegetables.

Am I actually helping the environment too?

Yes! There are three ways you are actively helping the environment by ordering a delivery:

  1. We deliver all our fruit and vegetables in boxes that have come from the markets.  We are committed to the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ message.  Just pop your empty box in the recycling bin or leave it out for the next delivery and we will be sure to reduce, reuse or recycle it for you.
  2. Our delivery van, like all vehicles, do contribute to Australia’s carbon emissions but we are proud that our one vehicle is replacing many many more that would normally have gone to the shops to “pick up a few things”.
  3. We only buy seasonal produce.  This means that it is grown locally – not flown in from South America or driven across Australia in trucks.

I like to check my fruit and vegetables for flaws before I purchase them- will you do the same?

We have a very high expectation of the produce we purchase and so should you.  To ensure that you receive the best quality we only purchase from reliable suppliers, then we hand pick the best quality items to prepare your delivery.

How competitive are your prices?

We know that our prices are very competitive.  You can rest assured that you will be paying less than you would have to at a fruit shop while still receiving excellent quality.  It’s because we don’t have the added expenses of leases, shop fit-outs or additional staffing.  Even better- it is delivered straight to your door for no extra charge!

Do I need to be home on the day of delivery?

No, you just have to let us know where you would like us to leave the delivery and we will follow your instructions.  During the summer months it is a good idea to leave an esky or cooler bag out so we can pop those items that require cooler temps inside.

Why is your produce so much fresher?

By purchasing and delivering your produce on the same day we are eliminating up to 4 days of shelf life.  Your produce is definitely going to last longer in your home because you can control the refrigeration, handling and storage of it.