Almond Chicken Vegetable Stirfry

Preparation time: 20mins    Cooking time: 30mins     Serves 4-6 Ingredients Poached Chicken: 2-3 single chicken breasts 1 teaspoon whole black pepper corns 1 teaspoon salt 2 bay leaves any fresh herbs you have at home (e.g. parsely, rosemary, thyme, oregano), bundled and tied with string Sauce: 1/4...
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Brett’s Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry
Serves 4-6. Use whatever vegetables you have in the house, this is just an example: Ingredients 1 tbs oil 1 medium onion, sliced ½ jar Korma curry paste (I use Patak’s) 1 large potato, cubed 1 large carrot, cubed Handful of beans, topped and tailed 1 capsicum, chopped 1...
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Kemlyn’s Vegetable Soup

Kemlyn's Vegetable Soup
Ingredients 1 huge zucchini (or two normal size) 1 capsicum (green or red can be used) 3 brown onions Half a head of cabbage Mushrooms 2 carrots (nice large fat ones) Pumpkin 4 potatoes 2 litres of Vegetable stock Salt and heaps of pepper Preparation Chop (roughly but small)...
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Slow Cooker Corner #2 Korma Curry

Slow Cooker Corner #3 Curry
Serves 4-6 Slow cooker: High 3-4hrs or Low 6-8hrs Ingredients 1.5kg meat (can be gravy beef, chicken thighs, cheap lamb cuts – shoulder, shank), chopped into chunks 1 large onion, diced 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped or minced Pataks Korma Curry Paste in the jar (we use about 1/3...
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Slow Cooker Corner #1 Beef Stew

Slow Cooker Corner #4 Beef Stew
Serves 6 (any leftovers make a great pie filling for the next night). Slow Cooker: High 4-5hrs or Low 8-9hrs Ingredients 200g thick cut speck or bacon, chopped 3 tbs flour 1.5kg gravy beef, beef chuck or shin beef cut into chunks 250g mushrooms, halved if large 2 carrots,...
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